Naked Face - If in doubt

Melbourne-based band Naked Face are composed of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve ‘Slik’, Drummer Nathan ‘Stone’ and Guitarist/Vocalist Eddy ‘Seagoon’. 

In 2017, Steve Slik met Nathan Stone in a band for which he had auditioned, and their shared love of music inspired them to establish their own band. When the band was looking for a guitarist in 2019, they came across Eddy Seagoon, a UK native who had recently relocated to Sydney. Ed's distinct voice tone and playing technique immediately cemented him into Naked Face after his audition.
Naked Face launched their debut single 'Beach Punk' during COVID-19 in August 2020, instantly establishing a global cult following of fans and propelling the song to #1 on Triple J's underground Punk, Rock, and Indie charts for nearly two weeks.

The Naked Face sound is a stew of melodically driven high energy Pop/Rock/Punk music. They live fast and play loud, with appealing lyrics about separation, social alienation, self-doubt, neglect, betrayal, both social and emotional, solitude, and a longing for freedom.

This is their new single, called If in doubt. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Naked Face on social media. 

Giovanni Gagliano

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