Peter Lake

New York City-based alternative, multi media artist Peter Lake announces the release of Blue, his third EP in a musical collection that he began releasing this past summer. Released earlier this month, the Blue EP consists of three tracks written by the artist and explores a few of life's most precious moments.

After surpassing 10 million Spotify streams in 2021 and over 8.0 million YouTube views, Lake, known for his unconventional blending of genres, is gearing up to make 2022 even more prolific. The three tracks on Blue -“Sugar it Lightly,” “Shadow Games” and “Ghost in Me” - each have its own specific theme. The second track, “Shadow Games,” highlights the songwriter’s jovial side. Inspired by a night spent looking after a precocious seven year old child unwilling to go to bed unless entertained, the song finds humor in the child’s demands. As Lake recently said “this little girl was a creative genius. 

I think we all start that way. I hope I never lose my child-like enthusiasm!”Blue, the new EP by Peter Lake, is now streaming on all musical platforms. Follow Peter Lake on social media for announcements of Lake’s future releases and other musical updates.

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