The Fallen Electric - Move to the Sound

The Fallen Electric began as a three-piece band in 2012 and has now grown into a four-piece rock band. Jimmy Ganzer (vocals/guitar) and Drew Barber (bass/vocals), two of the band's founding members, got their start in the SoCal rock scene by covering their favourite '90s tunes and inserting an ever-growing original playlist into their act.

Joe Carrillo (vocals/guitar) joined them in late 2016 to fill out the sound as a 4-piece rock band and finish a DIY 12-song demo CD called Never Seen the World. In 2018, they found themselves improvising with Richard Argumosa, a drummer. Listen (2019), Only You I See (2019), Circles (unreleased), and rerecorded their famous singles from their demo album, Never Seen The World (2020) and Midnight Drive (2020), were all created in collaboration (2020).

Jimmy, Drew, and Joe are now joined by Charles Weetly (drums) to take on a post-pandemic world hungry for new music. Their admiration for both well-known and lesser-known alt-rock acts from the 1990s and 2000s fuels their efforts to bring this old spirit into the new scene.

This is their new single, called Move to the Sound
Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below (or the video above) and don't forget to follow The Fallen Electric on social media.

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