The Valery Trails - Introvert Blues

Andrew Bower (vocals/guitars), an expatriate Australian residing in Houston at the time, enlisted the help of his brother Sean Bower (bass) and Dan McNaulty (drums) in Brisbane to establish The Valery Trails in 2011. The three built a set of songs that began in Andrew's home studio into The Valery Trails' debut album Ghosts and Gravity, published in February 2012, with the use of the internet and some intercontinental travel.

The Valery Trails released their second album Buffalo Speedway in 2014 and Chameleon bones in 2016. Waiting for the new album (announced for this year) this is their new EP, called Introvert Blues.

The band said about this new EP: "The title track was written before the global pandemic, but the lyrics are on point for the lock-down life. Musically, the track pairs raucous guitars with an infectious drumbeat (plus more cowbell!). The Benefits of Motion is a jangly REM-esque ode to restlessness and travel which provides a counter-argument to the title track’s celebration of staying home. The EP concludes with Araby, a song originally recorded by 80s Austin, Texas band The Reivers (in celebration of Andrew's decade-long residence in Texas)."

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