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Zen2muZ - Pride

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Zen2muZ (real name Steven Jantzen) is an independent solo artist from Jerseyville, United States. 
The singer/musician has already released a full length in 2021, called Self-inflicted. Now it's time for his brand new sing, just released, called Pride. Let's press play and see how it sounds.

The song starts with a nice guitar riff and a crescendo. Melodic vocals start almost straight away and the song becomes more robust with the pre-chorus (very nice drumming in there!) and the chorus, with a nice and distorted guitar and a catchy vocal line. A "modern" break in the middle of the song with a nice bass line before more choruses, for atmospheres that bring me to the 90s. 

Pride is catchy, well played and sung by Steven. Overall a Rock radio-friendly song. 
Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the Zen2muZ if you like what you hear.