DEF LEPPARD - "Take What You Want" Live

Americana #11

Playlist americana

Hey guys, here for a selection of Americana music, music that I love to listen to in different moments of the day.

All the songs below are included on my Americana playlist here. Follow it if you like it and don't forget to follow the artists/bands too!

Joey Harkum - Salt and Tar

Thirsty Curses - What the Hell? 

Brad Armstrong - "Fading Out" ft. Maria Taylor 

Cake Tower - HELLYEAH
Steve Pointmeier - I'm Not Falling For You  
The Waymores - Caught (feat. Dale Watson; Katie Shore)  
Kali Indiana - Probably Not  
Tyler Allgood - Light the Room to the Brim  

Little Miss HIggins - Three Days On A Page