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Charlie Freeman is a London-based guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, and pianist and Love is the title of his new album. This is the second one by the artist, the first one was Truth, released in 2018. Let's start with the cover, which a really like: minimalistic but with a clear message, reflecting the title of the album.

Let's press play (you can do it as well on the Spotify player at the bottom of the page) and very enjoyable is the opener 'Freedom', which reminds me of The Beatles in the mood. In general, I can say that the entire record is very easy-going and enjoyable, perfect for a Sunday morning (at least, for my Sunday mornings, I don't know about your tastes). 'London nights' is another strong song which was released also as a single 2 years ago. The other single of the album is the following 'Maybe it's me', another strong song with a very catchy chorus that probably will get stuck in your head for a bit.

Among other songs, 'Get me started' and 'Superman' are more pop-oriented, 'Let there be love' is another very enjoyable and easy-going with brit-pop vibes mixed with folk-rock. Very good energy for 'Walk away' (one of my favourites of the album), a great rhythm section for 'Hey Sister' and 'Holding on' which sounds like Stereophonics to me (and it's a compliment, obviously). The closing track of the album is the entirely acoustic 'Falling down' with another great chorus, sung in a duo with a female voice. Absolutely a good choice for a closing track. 

I really enjoyed listening to Love, a superb quality album by Charlie Freeman, very enjoyable from start to finish, perfectly performed and with an amazing sound, perfect for the genre. I think it will be in my personal heavy rotation for a bit, especially on Sunday Morning. 

Give the album a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Charlie Freeman on social media.

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