Crowbar - Zero and below

Crowbar have a name that conjures up images of a safe haven and Kirk Windstein is a sludge scene survivor (and also a member of the supergroup, Down, with two giants like Phil Anselmo and Pepper Keenan) who has recovered from excesses and addictions. Only a year ago, Kirk released his impressive solo debut called "Dream In Motion," and now it's time for his main band to take the stage, which took some time in this case. Yes, because Crowbar had been without a new album for six years, even if this new Zero and Below was ready as early as 2020, but musicians were not in the spirit to release it during a pandemic, that's why we only have it now, after a couple of years.

Talking about music, while there aren't any bad tracks on this Zero and Below, there isn't anything here that stands out as well from their previous work or even from other songs on the album, resulting in an overpowering sense of déjà vu. 

Saying that, the songwriting is still very good, and the guitar tone is deep and unquestionably sludgy, so, if you like the old material you will probably like this Zero and Below.  

Give it a go through the Spotify player below.

(Review by Metalhead)

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