Gavin Fox - Lay Down Low

Gavin Fox is an Irish singer-songwriter based in Dublin.

His music ranges from alternative folk to Americana to rock, with the acoustic guitar at its core. Each song is a narrative in itself. Some of them are quite personal. Others have been motivated by other people's stories. He has a distinct voice and there is meaning in every lyric for those seeking deeper depth.

– Gavin said about his brand new single, called ‘Lay Down Low’:
“It’s sort of about discovery. I spent a long time in my head with my own thoughts, at times with fear and anxiety. But then I experience a kind of awakening…I met my true self for the first time and decided I wasn’t going to listen to negative thoughts anymore…This song is about rebelling against that, fear and anxiety, and not being afraid to be loud about it. It’s about being yourself.”
Giovanni Gagliano

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