Hana Piranha - Fucked Up Feeling

Hana Piranha is the brainchild of Hana Maria, a New Zealand-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who reunites with frequent collaborator Jason Achilles for this single.

The story of Hana Maria is Peculiar: she is the daughter of a Catholic priest and she was born during a cyclone, a foreshadowing of the chaotic and often disturbing songwriting that follows. She was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and moved to England when she was twelve years old to pursue her passion of being a concert violinist. Disillusioned with classical music, she began to push boundaries in both art and life, the two becoming so entwined that it was difficult to tell where one ended and the other began.

This is her brand new single, called Fucked Up Feeling, an energetic and dark song (especially if you watch the video_. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube video or alternatively, on the Spotify player below. Also, don't forget to follow Hana Piranha on social media.
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