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-Hi and welcome to this interview. Tell us about your latest release Lullaby for Demons.
Hi to all the fans of your webzine; it's an honor for me to be here and to speak of the universe Shake Me. The album “Lullaby for Demons” was released last October for the Italian label GT Music, after eight years of silence from the first album and the first time I sang in English; by the way, sorry for my “latino English” but I was a little nervous during my vocal session. Maybe I felt uneasy for the new experience done but I need challenges and I love to keep learning. This album speaks to women and every topics has strength and passion. We talk about romance, sex, crime news, but I also wanted to give the woman a bad image in “Evil Road”, she became a serial killer and I loved it. There are many female killers in history; women aren't flowers and perfumes. It's fair to say it. 

- How would you describe your sound? 
I would say a powerful mix of rock, alternative, goth; all with modern elements of keyboards. The keyboard arrangements were very important in growing the whole Shake Me project.

- What do you write about? 
This work talks about eroticism, sensuality, violence against women, sexual scandals, everything that revolves around women, or female problems, but also with a little light and passion in the classic rock n roll style. I tried to be balanced in matters. I don't like to deal with political topics, much better to look at the world in everyday life.

- What do you listen to when you are home?
I usually listen to any kind of genre; it depends on my humor and what I need in these moments. Anyway, in my ranking, I can't miss an album by Bon Jovi. Manowar for my workout during the training sessions or some playlist of synth-pop music to relax. I'm 46 (unfortunately!!) and now my musical tastes have changed. We grow and change and I like listening to many musical genres. 

- Your favourite live performance so far? 
In my mind there is still the “these days tour” in Italy, Bon Jovi. I have seen many gigs but you need to know that Bon Jovi are an important part of my life. Now they're sadly on the decline but still heroes to me. Lately I have seen the wall of sound of Nickelback. Great performance, powerful and catchy. Love these guys!! 

- Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage 
Let me remember; I don't have really funny stories but I can say that I played with really crazy guys. When you're rehearsing and you can't sing because you have clowns around you. If you put a few Italian guys in a rehearsal room, a few beers, it can happen that you talk about girls and lots of funny stories; like a friend who flirts with your mother without knowing it was your mother. 

- Your favourite albums? 
A really long difficult list; let me think. BJ “New Jersey”, Dream Theater “Images and Words”, GNR “Appetite for Destruction” Queensryche “Operation Mindcrime”, Skid Row “Slave To The Grind”,  Metallica “Black album”. I told you, very different albums but the list would be too long. Luckily you didn't ask me which ones to take to a desert island. 

- A musician you would like to meet for a beer? 
This time I will surprise you, I would like to meet Jared Leto. I believe that man has too many lives to tell. Incredible actor, great performer, yes I would really like to meet him and listen to many hours. Jared is able to express his artistic flair like a few others. 

- What would you ask for backstage, if you were the most important band on earth?
Women? Drugs? Things already done, let's see them in the Docufilms. I would like to find Lady Gaga hugging me before taking the stage. I love that crazy little woman. I could also be satisfied with Nicole Kidman; I don't think Keith Urban would be jealous. 

What are your plans for the near future?
The future? I can't see a future, if I do, I only see black. I know that many people and artists can say what I am about to say. Can you really think about music with this horrible war? I am sad and empty, I am doing interviews and reading reviews, also planning acoustic sessions; but my soul is dark. I can't see TV anymore, I can't see anything, because it all seems unreal, but it's not. We will see the light, as soon as possible, it must be like this.

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