Jacob Humber - Afterlife

Jacob Humber is an indie singer-songwriter based in Nashville. 

Jacob began writing songs after his football career ended unexpectedly in college. When two Nashville writers/performers arrived in Jacob's college town and performed at a little open mic night around that time, it changed everything for him. Jacob has enjoyed relaxing at home or taking a walk in contemplative stillness since then, learning how to better his songwriting.

Afterlife is the first of six singles that will be published one month apart, culminating in the release of the whole 10-song album on September 16. This new tune is an indie ballad about growing up in a religious society where many people use their faith/belief to divide rather than unite. The song is very enjoyable and it's got very intense lyrics despite being very easygoing, musically.

Give Afterlife a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Jacob Humber on social media.

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