Looting from the past - 2007


By Enrico Spinelli

The year 2007 marks a series of important returns: first and foremost Gamma Ray who try to recover a certain happy attitude with an album with an awkward title... and with only partially convincing content. Dark Tranquility and Amorphis consolidate their positions, which push even more on clean vocals and give us one of the most beautiful covers ever; and always talking about covers, the new Symphony X, for me the best work of the band. And if Dream Theater split the audience in two with "Systematic Chaos" (very nice to me, net of the obvious inspiration from Metallica and Muse), Devin Townsend amuses himself with a great concept that has as its protagonist an alien looking for a decent cappuccino and who, disappointed, decides to destroy the Earth (he probably drank it in a motorway restaurant)...

Mägo De Oz take a break from the complex concept on Gaia and release a more immediate album with a strong folk component. The return of Ozzy Osbourne is good, after the not so exciting "Down to the Earth", seems to have found inspiration, at least in part. Saxon and Magnum confirm their state of grace, while the Scorpions released an excellent "Humanity Hour 1" and the same goes for Vision Divine which release an excellent sequel to the masterpiece "Stream of Consciousness". W.A.S.P. they release what, for me, is the last great album for the band, while Rotting Christ with "Theogonia" add epic notes to their sound.

And if the Gotthard present with "Domino Effect" a darker but still convincing sound, Rush (as usual) and the same goes for Porcupine Tree, and the Editors confirm their second work as a great reality of modern rock. Finally, the decision of Radiohead to make their beautiful album, downloadable from the net with a free offer or even free, arouses conflicting opinions.

As for yours truly, I can tell you that he was a young medical student and happily lived his first, and only, love story for just two years but he still did not have pocket money that would allow him to experiment with new bands... so trying to catch up with the records of the past...

AMORPHIS Silent Waters
DREAM THEATER Systematic Chaos
GAMMA RAY Land of the Free II
MAGNUM Princess Alice and the Broken Arrows
MÄGO DE OZ La Ciudad De Los Arboles
DEVIN TOWNSEND Ziltoid The Omniscient
SAXON The Inner Sanctum
SYMPHONY X Paradise Lost
SCORPIONS Humanity Hour 1
W.A.S.P. Dominator
GOTTHARD Domino Effect
EDITORS An End Has a Start
RUSH Snakes & Arrows
PORCUPINE TREE Fear Of A Blanck Planet
Giovanni Gagliano

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