Lunarcode - The Light

Lunarcode, a rock band from Los Angeles, has released their debut album, 'Stories Untold.' A diverse collection of songs that display the band's classic rock style, as well as lighter Pop and even some reggae influences. Their highly anticipated next album is one not to be missed, having already gained the attention of Orange Amps, who signed the band to an endorsement contract.

The theme of 'Stories Untold' is personal empowerment, self-discovery, and narcissistic battle. From the lead song 'The Light,' which merges Rock and Raggae, to 'Cuttin' the Cord,' and 'Parasite,' which lean more toward the Pop side of Rock, the album blends genres while staying true to the band's classic rock roots. The seven-track album promises a diverse mix of topics and sounds throughout, while sticking to the formula of high-octane tracks, infectious choruses, and powerful vocal performances that would fit in at any stadium gig or festival.

This is their new single, called The light, part of the new album Stories Untold. The song is amazingly produced and performed by the band, with great guitar parts a catchy chorus. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the band on social media.


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