Mandoki Soulmates release 'Music Is The Greatest Unifier: Hungarian Pictures live’

The music of the popular online concert – finally available digitally by popular demand

 Many millions of viewers have seen the online concert "MUSIC IS THE GREATEST UNIFIER" of the Mandoki Soulmates on ARD and various third programs, on several international TV channels and on YouTube. The Mandoki Soulmates are happy to fulfill the resulting wish by publishing the live recordings of the concert "MUSIC IS THE GREATEST UNIFIER" on all known streaming platforms.

Under the headline "MUSIC IS THE GREATEST UNIFIER! BRIDGING THE GAP AROUND THE WORLD!" the Mandoki Soulmates played their almost one and a half hour ProgRock suite "Hungarian Pictures" as an online live concert on March 26, 2021. This time, the virtual stage was not only filled with the usual high caliber of musicians, but in the literal sense of the word "world-spanning", as the musicians from all parts of the world made music together live online from their homes.

Joining Leslie Mandoki, Nick van Eede (Cutting Crew), Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Szakcsi, John Helliwell (Supertramp), Steve Bailey, Al Di Meola, Jesse Siebenberg (Supertramp), Cory Henry, Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Bill Evans, Tony Carey, Richard Bona, Peter Maffay, Till Brönner, Jane Xie, Deobrat Mishra, Moto Fukushima, Surreal and Margarita. 

But let's let Leslie have his say: 

“We musicians, thinking with our hearts and an unshakable belief in the uniting power of music, gave rise to the idea of Music is the Greatest Unifier—Bridging the Gap Around the World in the middle of the first lockdown of 2021. 

The pandemic has made concerts as we know and love them impossible for the time being. Nevertheless, we cannot rest—we must be louder than ever before! The global challenges that humanity is facing—pandemics, financial and economic crises, migration and integration, climate change—will only be met if we overcome divisions across all borders. 

Just as digitalization makes it possible for us soulmates to make music together despite local divisions, music makes it possible to overcome some divisions in our minds. Let's overcome the divisions, build bridges and do everything for cohesion between North and South, East and West. We are all Europeans, Africans, Americans, Asians and Australians! And music is the common language that unites us across all barriers. 

That is why the Mandoki Soulmates, together with musicians from all parts of the world, are raising their voices for unity and against division across all borders: physical, cultural, and intellectual with this online concert series.”

September 24, 2021 saw the release of Mandoki Soulmates' new worldwide multi-format release "Utopia for Realists" on the Sony InsideOut label, in which Leslie Mandoki’s culturally relevant, socially aware prog-rock, flavored with the virtuosity of jazz-rock, is tightly integrated with visionary concepts from world-famous animator Gábor Csupo for Mandoki’s magnum opus “Hungarian Pictures,” inspired by the music of Béla Bartók. 

With his Soulmates, including over the years many of the brightest lights of progressive rock and jazz, Mandoki has created a sophisticated and mature new music, combining the intellectual and artistic essence of British prog-rock with the virtuosic brilliance of the New York jazz-rock and fusion scene.            

Starting with concerts in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, the tour of the same name will finally continue from November 5, 2022, with the Mandoki Soulmates making guest appearances in 17 cities throughout Germany.

Soulmates and their location in the online concert

Leslie Mandoki – Lake Starnberg / Ian Anderson – Jethro Tull – Oxford / Nick van Eede – Cutting Crew – London

Till Brönner – Berlin / Szakcsi – Budapest / Jane Xie – Shanghai / John Helliwell – Supertramp – Liverpool / Steve Bailey – Boston

Al Di Meola – New York / Peter Maffay – Lake Starnberg / Cory Henry – Los Angeles / Randy Brecker – Long Island/New York

Jesse Siebenberg – Supertramp – San Francisco / Deobrat Mishra – Delhi / Mike Stern – New York / Margarita – Moskau

Richard Bona – Miami / New York / Bill Evans – Nashville / Sirreal – Beijing / Moto Fukushima – Tokyo

Tony Carey – Los Angeles / Julia Mandoki – Amsterdam 



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