Michael Romeo – War Of The Worlds / Pt. 2

Michael Romeo, best known to be the guitarist, songwriter and all-around prime mover behind progressive rock giant Symphony X, released his new solo album, the ambitious cinematic metal, War of the Worlds, Pt. 2, finally the sequel of the first part, released in 2018. Rhythm section to John DeServio and John Macaluso, both already members of the first chapter. On the microphone, the young singer Dino Jelusić (Animal Drive, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Whitesnake) replaced Rick Castellano.

“The title feels a little more prophetic than usual”, he says. “Just by taking a look around at what’s going on in the world. For the most part, there’s a strong sci-fi element to the album, but on a few songs I’m kind of like, ‘Maybe the aliens can just sit this one out while we fight among ourselves…ha.’”
Summing up the album, Michael Romeo says, “It takes the first record deeper into the journey. It’s H.G. Wells with modern-day sci-fi, and there’s a lot of super-heavy cinematic music and, obviously, lots of guitars. Put it on and forget where you are. Let’s go somewhere else. The real world will still be here.”

Well, I enjoyed the first chapter and I'm enjoying this second chapter too, full of good music, technique and good songs. Divide & Conquer opens the album (after a cinematic introduction) and it's very catchy, definitely a good choice as the first single of the album. Destroyer is the most recent single, with a super technical instrumental part at the beginning of the song. Mothership is another cinematic passage to the following Just Before the Dawn, a very enjoyable power ballad. 

One of my favourite moments of this second chapter of War Of The Worlds is the instrumental part of track number 7, Hybrids. Have a listen and you won't regret it! Hunted is absolutely contagious with its riffs and drumming, Maschinenmensch is the longest track of the album with its 9 minutes, very representative of the album, with heavy riffs, some cinematic, open choruses and great solos.

The album comes in different editions with a bonus CD and bonus tracks, I leave you here the whole tracklisting. Well, what can I say: quality music and quality album, with good mixing of instrumental (and cinematic parts) and proper prog metal songs. Michael Romeo delivered again. If you liked the first part, you will like this one as well for sure.

Rating 73/100
Top tracks: Divide & Conquer, Hybrids, Maschinenmensch. 

Disc 1
01. Introduction, Pt. II (02:37)
02. Divide & Conquer (04:46)
03. Destroyer (05:34)
04. Metamorphosis (05:53)
05. Mothership (02:23)
06. Just Before the Dawn (05:01)
07. Hybrids (06:14)
08. Hunted (04:32)
09. Maschinenmensch (09:03)
10. Parasite (04:33)
11. Brave New World (Outro) (03:36)
12. The Perfect Weapon (Bonus Track) (07:41)
13. Alien DeathRay (Bonus Track) (04:31)

Disc 2
01. Introduction, Pt. II (02:37)
02. Divide & Conquer (Instrumental Version) (04:46)
03. Destroyer (Instrumental Version) (05:34)
04. Metamorphosis (Instrumental Version) (05:53)
05. Mothership (02:23)
06. Just Before the Dawn (Instrumental Version) (05:01)
07. Hybrids (Instrumental Version) (06:14)
08. Hunted (04:32)
09. Maschinenmensch (Instrumental Version) (09:03)
10. Parasite (Instrumental Version) (04:33)
11. Brave New World (Outro) (03:36)
12. The Perfect Weapon (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track) (07:41)
13. Alien DeathRay (Bonus Track) (04:31)
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