Mim Davies - Built on a floodplain

Mim Davies, a singer and songwriter from Sussex, United Kingdom, uses music to express herself as an artist and, more importantly, as a human. Built on a Floodplain, her new EP, delves into topics important to her heart. She wrote: "The four songs on Built on a floodplain climbed out of the underwater, of warped memory, of absence, of hunger, of the buildings I've lived in."

Built on a floodplain consisting of 4 songs for 12 minutes of music.
The first track is called Big boned, starting with a soothing acoustic guitar and vocals by Mim. The song becomes full band a few seconds later and becomes more dynamic with a very nice arrangement and a chorus that it will probably get stuck in your head. Great song, intense lyrics and definitely a great way to start the EP. 

Shouting through walls surprised me by the contrast between the sweetness of the music and the sadness of the words. This is probably my favourite track of the EP, if I have to choose one. Great initial arpeggio and the usual great lyrics and chorus for No world but here as well as the last track Powys sky, a little shorter than the others and with a slightly different sound.

Mim is a very good singer and a skilled songwriter. If you are looking for relaxing music with powerful lyrics, give Built on a floodplain a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Mim Davies on social media.

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