Pennan Brae - Zulu


Pennan Brae's 11th album, 'Picked,' will be released in the Spring of 2022 and his latest single, prior to the release is called 'Zulu'. Director Tim Cash has created a great throwback music video for the song (click here to watch it) and Pennan and Tim have worked together on a number of music videos and two feature-length films over the last decade.

Pennan wrote about the song: “I’m really pleased with how ‘Zulu’ turned out, it feels very influenced by rock and roll of the 1970s and that’s an era I’m a big fan of. We recorded the track at Blue Light Studio in East Van with Edward Whelan on drums, bassist Kaj Falch-Nielsen rounding out the rhythm section & singer Alison Jenkins adding her beautiful harmonies. I hope people have fun with the song and that’s it’s a welcome introduction to the album; it’s a pretty fast and toe-tapping track.”

Zulu is a very interesting tune, very peculiar (especially regarding the vocals) and very well recorded. The guitars have a great sound and a contagious groove. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Pennan Brae on social media.

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