SABATON "The War To End All Wars"

Sabaton returns with this brand new album The War To End All Wars, released for Nuclear blast. The Swedish guys are now on their tenth album, with an ever-growing fan base that has cemented their status as one of the most iconic bands of recent years. The album, like the previous one, is centered on events from World War I. Well, an album about war in this historical moment maybe it's not the best idea, or maybe it is. My idea is that the human race will never change. We will be stupid even in a million years (but probably we will be extinct way before that).

But let's focus on the music of this album now, enough talking about humans and wars. The first track is "Sarajevo", definitely a perfect opener and surely one of my favourites of this "The War To End All Wars." Another of my favourite tracks is the following "Stormtroopers" which represents the troops chosen in a typical Sabaton composition.

The band released 3 singles for this album, The Unkillable Soldier, Soldier of Heaven and Christmas Truce, all good singles even if there is no bad track on this album, to be honest. The one I prefer is probably the first one (video at the end of the review) which talks about Adrian Carton De Wiart, a legendary general who was shot and hit several times but without dying. 

Well, we all know Sabaton and their music. I doubt that anyone would change their mind (whether you like them or not) after this one, but If you like them, I'm sure you will enjoy this album as well. 

Rating 70/100
Top tracks: Sarajevo, Stormtroopers, The Unkillable Soldier.

01. Sarajevo
02. Stormtroopers
03. Dreadnought
04. The Unkillable Soldier
05. Soldier of Heaven
06. Hellfighters
07. Race to the Sea
08. Lady of the Dark
09. The Valley of Death
10. Christmas Truce
11. Versailles

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