Samosa - Dragons At Home

Samuel Reynisson (AKA Samosa, an Iceland-based fantasy rock person) has just released his first EP called Dragons At Home, comprised of 5 songs for 17 minutes of music.

The opener is the title track, starting with a very cool guitar riff and some "retro" vocals (and backing vocals). A very nice touch is the presence of a harmonica, making the song even more interesting. Great opener and a great way to start listening to this EP. Drums in evidence for the following track, the energetic The model citizen with another great riff (with Arabic influences) and a great solo section. This is probably my favourite track on the EP, if I have to pick up one.

Intermissionary is a very different, entirely instrumental, and it's obvious that Samuel has lots of different influences. Very 'retro' and rock n' roll oriented is the fourth track Spirit with filtered vocals, while the last song, Let it pass, is the longest track on the EP, with prog-rock influences, hypnotic vocals and guitar riffs with 70s atmosphere. Lots of Jethro Tull in this one and a very interesting song. 

Dragons At Home is a very interesting debut EP, amazingly written and played by Samuel Reynisson. If you want to listen to something different than usual, realized with personality, give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Samosa on social media.

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