Stereophonics - Oochya! Review

Stereophonics have done admirably to maintain their usual work schedule of one album every two years. Given that leader Kelly Jones released a solo album last year, we can forgive them a few months when it comes to judging Oochya!, their follow-up to 2019's Kind, one of my favourite albums of that year and that I still put on regularly.

Oochya! is comprised of 15 songs for a little more than an hour of listening, you can give it a go by clicking on the player at the end of the review, while reading this, if you want. Hanging On Your Hinges it's a perfect opener, a little different from usual and the following songs like Forever, When you see it are and especially Do Ya Feel My Love (instant classic to me!) are pure Stereophonics. Among other songs that I really enjoy there are the soft Leave the light on, Don’t Know What Ya Got (I can hear some Rolling stones vibes in there) and the different, basically Folk closing track Jack in a box.

Honestly, I feel that 15 tracks are for Oochya! are too many, in my opinion, as some tracks are OK (we are still talking about always quality music, of course) but traveling a little with the automatic pilot or sometimes being a little verbose, like All I have is you. Anyway, it's always good to have new music from Kelly Jones (only author of these 15 songs) and Stereophonics.

Rating 66/100
Top tracks: Hanging On Your Hinges, Do Ya Feel My Love, Don’t Know What Ya Got.

1. ‘Hanging On Your Hinges’
2. ‘Forever’
3. ‘When You See It’
4. ‘Do Ya Feel My Love’
5. ‘Right Place Right Time’
6. ‘Close Enough To Drive Home’
7. ‘Leave The Light On’
8. ‘Running Round My Brain’
9. ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’
10. ‘You’re My Soul’
11. ‘All I Have Is You’
12. ‘Made A Mess Of Me’
13. ‘Seen That Look Before’
14. ‘Don’t Know What Ya Got’
15. ‘Jack In A Box’

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