The Flashpot Moments - Very Far

Tim Cawley, a Boston-based singer/songwriter/guitarist, has been working on an indie rock studio project for a long time, called The Flashpot Moments. His music has been heard on over 60 independent radio stations and in over 100 networks and cable television series, including one of the "Real Housewives" shows. His songs have been streamed over 100,000 times on Spotify by listeners all over the world.

Very Far is the title of his new full-length album, available on all streaming services and the fifth of his career. The album comprises musicians from Los Angeles, Nashville, Phoenix, and New Jersey. Aimee Mann, The Cult, and others have worked with producers and engineers.

The format has a very "slim" formula (like good old times): 10 new songs for 33 minutes. I'm happy. You can see the album cover above: you know that I'm very picky usually but I really like this one, really well made and simple. Let's start with the music of the album: a great riff and bass line for the opener "Jealous", with a catchy and very open chorus. Definitely a good choice as an opener. Honorable mention for the drumming, especially during the second part of the song. Punk atmospheres for the following "Itch" with very good vocals (and backing vocals). "Trust u" is the longest track of the album with a very interesting chorus and old-fashioned keyboards. Great riffing and drums in the second part, absolutely spot on.

Among other songs, very light are "Fun is hard" and "Don't know it yet", Beatles oriented and "Lat den rulla" which is an absolutely fun song to listen to! This is probably my favourite track of the album if I have to choose one, amazingly performed and really contagious. Totally enjoyable also "Beautiful, Unkillable", "An Interruption", classic rock style and more relaxed is the closing track of the album, "The Crowd that was", with a very interesting arrangement and lots of tempo/mood changes.

Very far is a very good album by The Flashpot Moments, amazingly recorded and performed, very various and with lots of influences. Absolutely fun to listen to, in its entirety. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the band on social media.

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