The Pop Corner #1: Scott & Maria / Estella Dawn / Josh Vine / Bones in Butter / SBR bone and star / Chris Jobe / Backdrop Violet

Welcome to The Pop Corner -  a different side of Given To Rock, focusing on softer music than usual.   
All the songs in this article are in the Spotify playlist with the same name, which is a mix of famous and independent bands. Make sure to follow it if you want to keep up with new quality music.

Scott & Maria, based in Brighton, UK, make acoustic music from the heart, with heartfelt harmonies. Their lovely indie folk melody both energises and calms the soul. Nature and the human journey serve as major sources of inspiration for them.

I am the one (acoustic version) is the name of their new single which is part of the new album Wish me away, released in February. You can listen to the album and buy it through their Bandcamp. Otherwise, you will find the Spotify link below and all the other social media to follow Scott & Maria.

Estella Dawn
is a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from New Zealand who now lives in the United States. She co-produces all aspects of her music as a working artist, including writing and recording her voice and piano.

Estella has also been in the studio recording vocals and finalising music for her upcoming full-length album, which will be released in the spring of 2022.

Give her latest single "Salt" a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Estella on social media.

Josh Vine is an Alternative singer/songwriter inspired by Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Ben Howard.

Billboard Lights is the name of his latest release. The artist said about the song: “Billboard lights was a tough song to record. It started off as this huge-sounding rock demo which I liked, but something didn’t quite work. So, when I brought it in to record with my mate Bill [Ottewill] on producer duties he suggested rebuilding it. It was a painful process, but we got there in the end”

Give it a go and make sure you follow Josh Vine on Social media as well.

Milutin Krasevic is Bones in Butter, the last guy standing among a group of musicians who shared a common goal to create a distinctive style by combining beautiful melodies and harmonies with the sadness and contemplation of the Post-Punk era.
Milutin Krasevic (vocals, synths, samples, music & lyrics), for this brand new song called Another cloud, was helped by Luna Skopelja (vocals, synths), Todor Zivkovic (guitars, FX), Srdjan Popov (bass), and Tom Fedja Franklin (drums). 

Give Another cloud a go on the Spotify player below and follow Bones in Butter on social media.

SBR bone and star is a Liverpool-based singer, songwriter, and composer. 
 'Hyper neo-stalgia' is what she does. Time-traveling vibes curator, bringing you music from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, with a dark crystalline edge from the future.

This one below is her new song called Arrival, included in her new EP (click here for the Soundcloud link) with the same title, comprised of 5 new songs. 

Give it a go and make sure you follow SBR bone and star on social media.

Chris Jobe is a gifted singer-songwriter who wrote, produced, mixed, and performed "Love Hangover" entirely on his own. When he was 18 years old, this gifted musician came to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue his ambition of a career in music. Chris rose to regional prominence with the rock band Nodaway before going solo and launching his pop career.

Make sure you follow Chris Jobe and listen to Love Hangover by clicking on the Spotify player below.

"Break Me In" is an original and authentic song by Backdrop Violet that draws you in with alternative instrumentation and hits you with emotional power with its rock backbone. The lyrics express the simplicity of trusting someone who you know for a fact is going to hurt you. 

Give Break me in a go and follow Backdrop Violet on Facebook and on their official website.

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