The Pop Corner #2: April Gallo / The Passing Sages / Cath Courtley / Courtney Cole / Gemino / Aboynamedblu

Welcome to The Pop Corner - a different side of Given To Rock, focusing on softer music than usual. 

 All the songs in this article are in the Spotify playlist with the same name, which is a mix of famous and independent bands. Make sure to follow it if you want to keep up with new quality music.

April Gallo
is a soul and jazz singer. She is a Brunswick native who aspires to depict the human experience of feeling, as well as all the complexities that arise from the conflict between love and reasoning. April has four singles available to stream in her catalogue, which she has been releasing since last year.

Her latest single, Time Of Day, is a very well-produced jazzy song with a great groove, give it a go on the Spotify player below and follow April Gallo on social media, if you like what you hear.

The Passing Sages, from Dunfermline (Scotland), are back with their new electronic-pop track, 'Crisis on the Dancefloor.' 

The Passing Sages are a band made up of six skilled musicians, who have created this extremely groovy track which will take us back to the mid-80s in just three minutes with this song. 

Give Crisis on the Dancefloor a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Tha passing sages on social media.


Cath Courtley is an East Kent-based singer, songwriter, voice leader, and arranger. She was born and raised in Cardiff, where she studied music from an early age. 

Her primary instrument was piano until she received her first guitar at the age of 15, at which point she taught herself to play and began creating songs. Courtley's music is based on personal experiences that are turned into songs that have a strong emotional impact. 

This one below is her brand new single called How much. Give it a go and follow Cath Courtley on social media.

Courtney Cole is a native of Louisiana, having been born and reared in the city of New Orleans. At a young age, she was involved in a thriving music environment: Jazz, blues, gospel, R&B, soul... As a result, she developed a profound interest in music at an early age and began to sing whenever she had the opportunity. Whether it's singing competitions, musical theatre plays, or making her own songs in her bedroom, she's always had a passion for music. 

Courtney's music has been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard and The Huffington Post.

Here below is her brand new single, called Down to earth. Give it a go and follow Courtney on social media as well.


Catapult Seat is the first single by Danish singer/composer Aksel Lindy Toft in a long time (GEMiNO). It's been a terrific trip with a lot of innovation and great new ideas and material in the genre of alternative rock/pop in the years since his last album "Nonpolitical Hello." 

The melody and lyrics of the first song are highly intimate and existentialistic, with a dark tone to them. Aksel collaborates closely with producer Oliver EngQvist, and "Catapult Seat" is the first product of their partnership. The EP is set to be completed in the spring of 2022. ​

Give Catapult Seat a go by clicking on the Spotify link below!

Aboynamedblu is a songwriter, singer, and producer based in Cape Town, South Africa, where he writes and records the majority of his music.

The artist said about his brand new song You don't cry enough "I wanted to capture this moment that best reflects this place that we're in right now. The vastness of the internet seems overwhelming and building genuine connections with people is getting more and more difficult. My best friend and co producer Cat Gallent and I, found ourselves asking how do we resonate with people without shoving content in their faces, and it just became so clear that focusing on what the sentiment is in the music, speaks a lot louder than anything else. So we moved our studio from the city out to a farm, and created an environment where we can focus on just that So this is it, the story about the boy who almost became famous but got lost on the internet"

Give You don't cry enough a go by clicking on the Spotify link below!

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