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Welcome to The Pop Corner - a different side of Given To Rock, focusing on softer music than usual. 

 All the songs in this article are in the Spotify playlist with the same name, which is a mix of famous and independent bands. Make sure to follow it if you want to keep up with new quality music.

Zoë Zohar is an Israeli-South African independent artist based in London who has just released her brand new single, called Lazy Sun.

The artist says about the song: "I wrote Lazy Sun in 2014 as a song of youthful hope, reflecting on the environment I saw growing up and questioning my place in it as an ordinary teenager" and also "it always reminds me why I want to make music and the point of view I want to represent".

The song is very relaxing with a great performance by Zoe and very good production and arrangement. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Zoë Zohar on social media. 

Wild Fire has a distinct sound that distinguishes them from other artists in the genre. With over 240,000 social media followers, Wild Fire continues to grow and develop with each new release.

"What If We Never Met" is a song about wishing you had never met someone and could start over with someone fresh, written in Nashville with female co-writer Annika Bennet and produced by Austin Moorehead (Carly Pearce). 

The song has a great sound with a very good vocal performance. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below!

Maddox Jones is a British singer-songwriter, who has begun a new chapter of self-discovery in both his art and himself. 

Ready To Be Better is the name of his new single and it's being released in advance of his first album. It's a very enjoyable song, very well produced and performed, with a strong chorus. 

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Maddox Jones on social media as well.  

Juna N Joey are brother and sister, Singer/Songwriter, Country Pop Duo. 
Born in W Palm Beach, FL and recently moved to Nashville, the duo's popularity exploded organically by posting covers on YouTube with over 7.2 million collective views and a viral Tik Tok of 6.7 million.

This is their new single 'Til Your Heart Breaks, a beautiful song with piano and vocals with the two voices blending perfectly together. The song has a very catchy chorus and an amazing sound. 

Give it on the Spotify player below a go and follow the duo on social media as well.

Amber T, an 18-year-old singer/songwriter, has released the indie-pop tune "Broken Dreams." 

Amber said about the song: “Broken Dreams expresses the feeling of being fed up and being let down. The idea of becoming hopeful for something and it falling apart. The music goes hand in hand with this juxtaposing the happy instrumental to the deeper lyrics, I wrote this song a while back and have been performing it live acoustically and finally got to record it. I absolutely love the way the track worked out in the studio and it has such a good vibe”. 

Broken Dreams is amazingly produced and with a very good performance by Amber T. Give it go and follow the artist on social media as well.

Morisse Monty is Jussi De Nys' recording project. 

He is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and songwriter. Indie-soul music with psychedelic, funk, and R&B influences from the 1970s. Colorful melancholy sounds float over throbbing grooves, providing the ideal backdrop for personal vocals and beautiful melodies.

His most recent single is called Lightweight and it's a very interesting song with a peculiar sound, with a very catchy chorus as well. Give it a go from the player below and follow Morisse Monty on social media.

ANGELINA LUZI is a female independent recording artist, singer, songwriter, and composer who was born in Italy and currently resides in London. Her skill and enthusiasm for vocal arrangements inspired her to write, arrange, and perform her solo material for a 50-piece choir as part of the Chorus Festival at the famed Royal Festival Hall, a performance produced and curated in partnership with Mercury Prize candidate ESKA. 

Angelina has also performed in the United Kingdom at the Glastonbury Festival, London Jazz Festival, Barbican, Ronnie Scott's, The 229, Shepherd's Bush Empire, Lewisham People's Day Boomtown Festival, and most recently at East Wall, a large-scale spectacle of dance and live music directed by world acclaimed choreographer Hofesh Shechter at the iconic Tower of London. 

Her new single is called Life, with an amazing performance by Angelina and her band, with a very catchy chorus. Give it a go, by clicking the Spotify player below and follow Angelina Luzi on social media as well. 

Chris and Pete Boakes, brothers, founded Young Astronaut back in 2012. 

Since then, they've performed in nearly every backroom venue in London (Camden Assembly, The Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, The Garage, Dublin Castle, and so on), as well as in Beijing, Chengdu, and Hong Kong. 

The band's last two full-length albums, folk-driven 'Fawn' and rockier 'A Gold Frontier,' have received national radio play and were featured on the BBC introduction podcast. 

This is their new single, called Hellions, a straightforward song very well produced and performed by the duo. A very catchy song, give it a go by clicking on the player below. Also, make sure you follow Young Astronaut on social media as well.

Kaylin Cervini is a singer-songwriter from Rochester, New York. 
She has just released her melodic new single called 'Like A Girl', a very well performed song, with great vocals and a great piano track. 

Kaylin said about the song: “During a life changing moment in my life, I wrote this song. I never knew I could have feelings for a girl, and the realisation I could, was scary. The release of this song will be me telling my friends, family, & the world that I have been dating a girl. We kept the production very organic and emotional. The choir at the end are all LGBTQ singers. This is not just a song release but my coming out.” 

Listen to Like A Girl by clicking on the Spotify player below and follow Kaylin Cervini on social media as well.

Francis Alban Blake's new album, 'Passages,' will be released on King Forward Records on April 15th, and to promote it, he's releasing a song called 'Blisters,' which was released on March 24th.

The song 'Blisters' is about giving in to primal (artistic) desires. The song is based on Leonardo Da Vinci's life and it's got a very interesting sound and a very good vocal performance by Francis. Give it a go on the Spotify player below and follow the artist on social media as well.

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