BRAKE LOOSE - Miss Behave

Brake Loose is a five-piece Hard Rock band from Dublin, Ireland, with a fresh, hard-hitting sound and a penchant for incorporating provocative Spoken Word Poetry into songs.

With his rough melodic melodies and theatrical vocal style, wild Venezuelan frontman and poet Alex Murillo led and founded the band in 2019. They've played a lot of shows in Dublin and have established themselves as a major force in the Irish music scene. They lay down craziness oozing with head-banging grooves and thrilling solos with Tico Pellegrino (guitar), David O'Grady (guitar), Eoin Madden (bass), and Johnny Krasuski (drums). In 2020, they produced a music video for their debut single "Dublin Daze," which was well-received online and propelled the band ahead. With this buzz, they will release their debut album, produced by acclaimed producer/mixer Mark Needham.

This is their new single, called Miss Behave, starting with an energetic riff and powerful drumming. The vocals are immediately very theatrical, with an overall great performance by Alex Murillo. The song has its highlight in the chorus with punchy vocals, and probably it will get stuck in your head for a while. Check out the guitar solo as well with a great sound! Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow BRAKE LOOSE on social media.

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