Chasing Mallory - End of the World

Shrewsbury, England's Chasing Mallory is a five-piece rock band. After becoming dissatisfied at not being able to perform music in front of people, singer Ash (I, Assassin & Rolo Benz) and guitarist Danny (I, Assassin) started exchanging demos with each other in 2021 during the 3rd Lockdown. With the constraints lifted, Ollie (Unnatural Order) on Rhythm Guitar, Dave (Rolo Benz) on Bass, and Jay (I, Assassin) on Drums created a full band.

Last year the band released their debut single "Hating Heart," which features Monokate of Go A, who represented Ukraine at Eurovision 2021.

This is their new single, called End of the World. The song starts with a nice arpeggio and a very atmospherical arrangement, with clean but intense vocals. The overall sound is great, as well as the performance of the band (great drumming!). Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Chasing Mallory on social media.


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