Def Leppard - Take What You Want (Video)

DEF LEPPARD will release their new album, titled "Diamond Star Halos", on May 27, 2022 for UMC / Mercury. 

Following their first single "Kick" (click for my opinion about the song), the band has just released their video for their second single called "Take What You Want". Give it a go:

Tracklist of the new album, “Diamond Star Halos“:

01. Take What You Want
02. Kick
03. Fire It Up
04. This Guitar [feat. Alison Krauss]
05. SOS Emergency
06. Liquid Dust
07. U Rok Mi
08. Goodbye For Good This Time
09. All We Need
10. Open Your Eyes
11. Gimme A Kiss
12. Angels (Can’t Help You Now)
13. Lifeless [feat. Alison Krauss]
14. Unbreakable
15. From Here To Eternity
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