eberwine - Worlds Away

Todd Eberwine, the leader and guitarist for Buffalo-based fusion rock/jam quintet eberwine (sic), is the creation of frontman and guitarist Todd Eberwine (Dive House Union, Soul Roach, Todd Eberwine Band). The five-piece, which features Donny Frauenhofer (Intrepid Travelers), Aaron Ziolkowski (Little Mountain Band), Jay Race (Dead Alliance Buffalo), and Paul Zabrycki (Dead Buffalo Alliance), is known for inventive jams, soulful lyrics, and high-energy gigs.

This is their new single, called Worlds Away. The song starts with pure classic rock guitar riffs, an old-school organ and with melodic vocals. The chorus is very catchy and it will probably get stuck in your head for a bit. The second part of the song is a must if you are into guitar solos, with pure quality coming from Andy's guitar and with a great sound as well. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the band on social media.

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