DEF LEPPARD - "Take What You Want" Live

Gemino - Boundless

Gemino (Danish singer and composer Aksel Lindy Toft) has had a lot of fantastic ideas and a strong creative and imaginative time in his modest basic home studio, where he spends all of his hours when he is not working as a priest in the Church of Denmark, over the previous number of years. He's been composing songs, melodies, and expressing his emotions in a different way than preaching, this time through Rock Music.

This is his new single, called ‘Boundless’, the second release where the Danish singer/composer Aksel Lindy Toft and producer/guitarist Oliver EngQvist work together, which leads to the release of a new EP, later in 2022. The song is really well made with a very cool guitar intro, very atmospherical, good vocals and arrangements. Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player below and don't forget to subscribe to Gemino's channel.