Ghost of You - Heartbreak Creepin

Ghost of You is a band that decided to make a project because it's been a long time for a number of these guys, and the parts have just fallen into place thanks to their friendships and connections with incredible musicians. They work with Tuk Smith, a fantastic producer and writer.

The band consists of Cleve Willis on Vocals (formerly Rockets to Ruin / Stone Vessel / Jesse Astin), Danny Silvestri on Guitars - hired gun for national acts like Accept, also studio work in the past with Katy Perry), Blake Parris on Bass (Heather Luttrell. Bigfoot, Young Antiques The Filth, and Bully - Troy from Mastodon,) and Rob Hammersmith on Drums (Rockets to Ruin, Wednesday 13 for a tour, present Skid Row since 2013, Studio drums Nigel Dupree).

This is their single, called Heartbreak Creepin. The song starts with a pure Rock n' roll riff (great sound!) and with clean but punchy vocals. The highlight of the song, in my opinion, is the chorus, absolutely catchy and will get stuck for sure in your head. Check out the solo section in the second part of the song as well. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Ghost of You on social media.

Giovanni Gagliano

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