The Earth moves whilst the Giant slumbers. The Wind will turn, and he will awaken from his Crypt of rebirth. With every breath he takes, humanity's fate falls deeper into decaying light. WE ARE GOZER.

GOZER is formed from the ashes of post-Metal project ARCHELON. Craig & TJ founded the band in 2013, which shifted and changed in lineup many times until Kieran of Bruxism joined on Bass. After many years of venturing through the vast scope of heavy music and experimental sound, they have come together and changed face to take their art to new horizons, but with same unerring drive and passion. Settling back into their origins as a Triad, they move forward renewed and unchained.

“As individuals we are touched by different struggles in our mental wellbeing, but one thing we agree on is that it’s like never ending noise that forms a constant sense of dread and discomfort. For us, coming together and creating art and music offers a respite from the daily trials and tribulations, drowning it out with our own expression and the expenditure of creative energies. The world we live in is designed to suppress those who don’t fit in the views of those who claim themselves in power, and the more power they gain, the louder the noise becomes. We align ourselves with those who deserve to have their voices heard and have been silenced for too long, and within all the internal disparity and discourse felt by those who are different, we hope they would find the same respite we feel in the music we have created.” - GOZER

Their approach to sound is grounded in a uniquely hypnotic aggression. Slow grinding riffs and experimental sound moving through a nightmare-scape of tribal drums and claustrophobic density that mirrors the darkest corners of our minds.

New album AN ENDLESS STATIC was written and produced in the final hours of ARCHELON’s existence. Recording took place during the turbulent and challenging times brought on by the Corona Virus Pandemic, which had its hand in shifting the sounds of the album and solidified the desire for change felt by the members of what would become GOZER. It tells the story of our struggles with mental health as we are haunted by our own thoughts. It is an expression rooted in the war with suppression and inequality at the hands of the self-appointed 'elite'. An exercise in exploration with the desire that the listener may find their own catharsis buried within the noise.

GOZER has teamed up with Trepanation Recordings for the release of CD, Tape and Digital Download versions of the album. AN ENDLESS STATIC will be released on 17th June.

On sharing first single, ‘Fading Light’ the band comment: 

"When we started writing this album Fading light was one of the first tracks we wrote & it just fell into place musically & once Tom Wight (hundred year old man) added French horn & synth it just elevated the songs sense of dread. Writing the Lyrics for Fading Light I drew a lot from my battles with my own mental health, not realising how cathartic it really was going to be. But having the ability to focus some of my anger, sadness & loss really helped me grow and let go of a lot of things. It's okay to not be okay” 

Listen now:

AN ENDLESS STATIC. Written and performed by GOZER. Recorded by TJ FAIRFAX at LURK HAUS. Mixed by JOE CLAYTON at NO STUDIO. Mastered by MAGNUS LINDBERG. Additional Guitars by JON REYNOLDS (Formerly of ARCHELON). Viola written and performed by RICHARD SPENCER (BA’AL). French Horn and additional Synth on A FADING LIGHT written and performed by THOMAS WRIGHT (HUNDRED YEAR OLD MAN). Lead Vocals on DESIDERIUM written and performed by SIMON MASON (TORPOR).

Pre-order the album now: https://wearegozer.bandcamp.com/album/an-endless-static





FFO: Neurosis/Cult Of Luna/Isis (the band)

'ebbs and flows like its erratic totem, delivering alternative waves of crushing riffs and atmospheric tension’ - Invisible Oranges

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INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/wearegozer/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/wearegozerband

BANDCAMP: https://wearegozer.bandcamp.com

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