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Interview with Jason Crosson from Aussie Theatrical Glam Rockers CROSSON.

Tell a few things about CROSSON's history.
I started the band 20 years with the concept of having 2 girls choreographed girls up front dressed in tailored costumes. After years of writing, demoing, and playing to small audiences, the first album was released in 2004.  However, it took years of trial and error to get our sound, image and stage show to the level it is today. It really wasn’t until our 2016 album ‘Spreading The Rock ‘N Roll Disease’ when we engaged Duane Baron (Motley Crue, Poison, Alice Cooper etc) as our mixing engineer that we started to get recognized on an international level.

Paul Stanley from KISS said that they put together the band they wanted to see. I took these words of wisdom and constructed what you see today with CROSSON with respect to costumes, dancers and a thrilling stage show while delivering catchy rock tunes. I mean, everyone wants to see beautiful women on stage!!! 

What's the band's current Line up:
The current lineup is
Jason Crosson – Vocals  / Guitar
Libby Thirsk – Choreography / Backing Vocals
Olivia Scanlan - Choreography / Backing Vocals
Marco Rado – Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Kyle Barr – Drums
Jack Barret - Bass

How would you describe CROSSON’s sound?
Crosson’s music can be described as catchy theatrical glam rock anthems. Our aim is that once you listen to a CROSSON song, it stays in your head and won't go away. Like chlamydia. We are definitely influenced by the 80s glam rock scene. 

Our LP discography to date is:
2004 – Head For Earth
2008 – We Are The Future
2016 – Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease
2018 – Invincible
2020 – Rock ‘n Roll Love Affair
2021 – CROSSON – Live At The Orpheum ( also a concert video)
2022 – Ready Aim Rock – to be released late 2022

Who are your influences? 
Well, my first love as a young kid was ABBA and to this day when songwriting, I will try and add counter melodies like Benny and Bjorn used to but with a hard rock edge to it. 
That being said, if there was no KISS, then there would definitely be no CROSSON. At the end of the day, I’m an 80s rock child. Hence, I have been influenced by a plethora of 80s bands such as Motley Crue, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Dokken, Iron Maiden, Dio, Stryper, Vandenberg, Cheap Trick, Ozzy, Poison, WASP (the list just goes on !!!) 

What do you write about?
CROSSON’s lyrics are usually fun and uplifting with a positive “ You can achieve anything” message to them. On the other hand, songs like Rest In Peace is a tribute to my late mother or We All Need An Enemy is a poke at the greed of going to war. Life is too short to write dark and depressing lyrics. We are about being fun and giving out a positive message.  

Your favourite live performance so far.
Our first show after the recent Covid breakout in Sydney was crazy. It was our first show in 13 months and the crowd was like a pack of animals that had been caged up for 6 months ( Well that’s sort of true !!!) 

Your favorite records
Wow. That’s a tough one as it changes constantly. 
1 Shout At The Devil ( Motley Crue),  
2. To Hell With The Devil (Stryper) 
3. Under Lock and Key (Dokken), 
4. Unmasked ( KISS)  
5. Pyromania – (Def Leppard ) + about a dozen others 😊 

A musician you would like to meet for a beer
I think Gene Simmons and Mick Jagger would have some very interesting stories to tell!

What would you ask for backstage if you were the most important band on earth?
If we were the most famous band on the planet?  
Probably extra security !! I do prefer venues that have showers for after the show, my own area to get ready and plenty of herbal tea and water, I’m pretty happy. Someone to wash the costumes after each show would be great !!

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