Music By KOTA - Evangeline


Music by KOTA is a Memphis, Tennessee-based 5-piece rock & roll band. They debuted with "Lucy" earlier this year, followed by Innocence, their debut EP. Every song in the group combines rock, blues, and folk elements, demonstrating the group's flexibility. When you listen to Music by KOTA, you'll notice three-part harmonies, an emotional trip through the rhythm of the music, and perfect song structure, but above all, you'll be swept in by their passion.

This is their new single, called Evangeline, starting straight away with a contagious groove, great bass lines and catchy vocals, very old style but with a modern sound at the same time. The song is very well performed by the band (great guitar solos as well!) and it's got a very good sound. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Music by KOTA on social media.


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