Vuola - Under Above Orion Venus Loves

Jussi Vuola, a Finnish drummer, producer, and studio manager, has created VUOLA, a psychedelic rock project. There's a glimmer in the darkness, a touch in space, beauty in the distortion, and aspiration in the sorrow in his music. Low tunings, vibration, and chanting are forming a history of evolving with Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the like on his concept album, which is based both on geometrics and syntax. In spring 2022, the esoteric, heavy-hitting album "Alouv" will be released.

This is his new single, called Under Above Orion Venus Loves. The song starts with vocals, straight away, then goes to a melodic verse. We can notice immediately the fantastic quality of the sound, as well as the quality of the arrangement and the overall performance by Jussi, on vocals and guitars. Very good guitar solo as well, in the middle of the song, very melodic and full of pathos. Give this old-style ballad a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Vuola on social media.
Giovanni Gagliano

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