ANVIL – Impact Is Imminent Review

You can go wrong with Anvil. Every release of the Canadian band is a sign of pure Heavy metal with no frills. Attitude, great riffs, straightforward lyrics and catchy choruses... what do you want more? Even Dave Grohl agrees, introducing them at the Spirit awards. You can hear and watch him as the intro of the first track Take a lesson, check out the video at the bottom of the page. 

The trio from Toronto always delivers in their formula and Impact is imminent is a very enjoyable album of Classic heavy metal. Of course, don't expect anything new but if you enjoyed the last part of their discography (Legal at last was in my personal top 10 of 2020) you will enjoy for sure the songs of this album. 

The first two tracks Take a lesson and Ghost shadow were released as singles. Among my favourite tracks of the album there are Another Gun Fight, the fast Fire Rain (some Motorhead here!), Bad side of Town and Someone to hate, and for sure the instrumentals Teabag and the closing track Gomez, absolutely contagious. Also, I mentioned the straightforward lyrics: how is it possible not to love them with the song Lockdown?

Anvil is always a warranty. Give Impact is imminent a chance.

Rating 70/100
Top tracks: Take a lesson, Another Gun Fight, Teabag.

Take A Lesson
Ghost Shadow
Another Gun Fight
Fire Rain
Don't Look Back
Someone To Hate
Bad Side Of Town
Wizard's Wand
Explosive Energy
The Rabbit Hole
Giovanni Gagliano

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