Cellar Twins - Abyss

Cellar Twins is a heavy alternative rock/metal band from Namur, Belgium, formed in 2014. The band gives an intensive voyage into a unique cosmos where light and darkness mingle, characterised by powerful instrumentals blended with clean vocals. Following a first EP in 2017, the band released DUALITY, their first full-length album, in December 2019, to critical acclaim from both Belgian and international critics. Rockshots Records re-released the album in 2020. Cellar Twins revitalises a diversity of musical vistas and concentrates them to produce a new picture of modern alternative rock music, somewhere between enthusiasm and rebellion.

This is their new single, called Abyss. The song has contagious riffs, a frantic rhythm section and clean but punchy vocals. The production is perfect, the song sounds aggressive but every instrument is very distinguishable. Definitely a great song, give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player below (the video is great too!) and don't forget to follow the band!
Giovanni Gagliano

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