Jonathan Sparks - Run Away

Jonathan Sparks, an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, is one of the most varied performers on the scene. Sparks, who has previously performed in the bands Lucid Rain (2004) and Po├ęsis (2007), is commencing his solo career, producing rock-infused compositions with a hint of blues. Sparks is already selling out venues in Atlanta, including the city's legendary Velvet Note and Smith's Olde Bar in downtown, after touring the country opening for Tom Petty and Santana's original band. Sparks has been releasing a new single every month in 2022, working with Peter Barker, who served as chief engineer at Sony Studios in the 1990s and has more recently produced music for bands such as Fall Out Boy, Jeff Beck, and Guns N Roses.

This is their new single, called Run Away, starting straight away with very melodic but intense vocals, and a quality arrangement (great bass and acoustic guitars, above all). The lyrics are intense and the chorus will probably get stuck in your head for a bit. Check out the great guitar solo at the end of the song as well. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Jonathan Sparks on social media.
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