JORN - "One Man War" - Official Music Video

From the album OVER THE HORIZON RADAR. ONE MAN WAR (Music & lyrics Jorn Lande) In the battle of night fighting somewhere Shadows of forgotten light moving to nowhere Longing for vision those dreams of elsewhere We justify and sacrifice with hope still in there Wounded and bleeding but healing from pain Take just one more step from treason and we’re out of the rain Draw your sword against the hate open doors to love and faith Are we strangers you and I I can hear you cry It’s a one man war in a one man scheme We got a one way ticket to the end of a dream Be the voice in the crowd let your heart be seen You can break down the walls So let them hear the scream of one man In the spirit of flight out in the open Finding ways to navigate the roads we have chosen Stranded but the outline waits a future unspoken Aiming in our universe for planets and tokens Aerial views over lost Eden The drone that lives inside my head hacked by the demons Their silhouettes of dark I burn on my horizon I’m a soldier of the sun so battered and wizened This inner maze of violent changes Obstacles that cut so deep and all rearranges The malice and divine gaming for the throne In the eyes of danger another warrior sold It’s a one man war in a one man dream Got a one way ticket for this time machine Hear the roar of the crowd It’s a magic scene As I take the stage I feel the power stream In my one man war Warriors all around let your love abound Burn the coldness down...yeah... In the fire of fight when your armour is broken Look inside and you will find your will has woken Rise up from the battleground let your spirit sword be found Sacred is your inner crown... don’t lose it... It’s a one man war in a one man life We gotta rock and roll it this is our time To be the sound of the future the rhythm of the heat Gonna turn it up louder we own the beat There’s a one man war somewhere down the road With their golden tickets to their favourite show Hear the roar of the crowd it’s a magic scene Spotlights hit the stage and they all share the dream In a one man war "Over The Horizon Radar" Tracklisting: 1. Over The Horizon Radar 2. Dead London 3. My Rock And Roll 4. One Man War 5. Black Phoenix 6. Special Edition 7. Ode To The Black Nightshade 8. Winds Of Home 9. In The Dirt 10. Believer 11. Faith Bloody Faith (Extended Album Version) LINE-UP: Jorn Lande - vocals Adrian SB - guitars Tore Moren - guitars Francesco Jovino - Drums Nik Mazzucconi - bass Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards Produced by Jorn Lande Mixed & Mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio SOCIAL MEDIA:
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