Judah Kim - The Real Kind

Judah Kim is a Philadelphia-based solo artist. 

He has been able to create and record his own material, schedule national and international tours, and land song placements on 90210, ESPN on ABC X-games, Geordie Shore, Shreducation, and other national and international television shows despite having no label or management. He was the primary songwriter for Stonethrown and Judah Kim & The Assassination, two Philadelphia rock bands.

This is his new single, called The Real Kind, starting with melodic vocals straight away and bringing me back to some atmospheres from The Beatles. The song is very well made: it has a catchy chorus, a meticulous arrangement (great bass guitar!), a perfect production, a great instrumental break in the middle of the song and a finale with fantastic guitar solos. 

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Judah Kim on social media.
Giovanni Gagliano

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