Marta Per - Nobody's Friend

Marta Per is a multi-instrumentalist and artist from Portugal who lives in London. Marta is going on a solo adventure, pulling inspiration from pop, rock, and jazz as well as her classical roots, after being a member of various ensembles. Her lyrics, which are typically reflective, observational, and at times self-deprecating, take us through the motions of growing older, managing emotions, and attempting to make sense of life.

This is her new single, called Nobody's Friend. The song starts with vocals, straight away, and it's got a peculiar and very interesting arrangement from the first seconds of the song. Marta has so many influences that you can hear lots of them combined together, it's very difficult to label this song with a genre, and this is definitely a compliment. I totally love the chorus of this song, very open, melodic and anthemic. Also, the sound and the performance of the artist are superb.

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Marta Per on social media.


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