Rammstein return with this brand new album called "Zeit", this time within an acceptable distance from their previous work, a musical proposal without compromises and almost always unsettling. If the previous record had convinced me, without being a masterpiece, how does this new release sound? 

Let me, first of all, praise the packaging and the splendid photos of the booklet, made by Bryan Adams, in addition to a production that is simply crazy, and vigorous as always. Also the length of 45 minutes is just right. And the songs? Let's say that this record continues the journey of the band, with more cadenced compositions, mid-tempos and dark tracks. Curious in this sense is the opening part of the album with three slower pieces and, on the other hand, closing with the more paced (and splendid) "Adieu", hoping it is not prophetic. 

The singles "Zick Zacks" and "Angst" fit perfectly, but I must say I would have preferred generally more pace. Basically, the record continues the path of the latest releases, consolidating the position and bringing home the result without daring too much, without removing or adding anything, which is not bad at all in these times. 

A safe purchase for fans of the group, for the others better take a tour of "Sehnsucht", "Mutter" and "Reise Reise" (to name my favorites) first...

Review by Enrico Spinelli

01. Armee Der Tristen
02. Zeit
03. Schwarz
04. Giftig
05. Zick Zack
06. OK
07. Meine Tränen
08. Angst
09. Dicke Titten
10. Lügen
11. Adieu
Giovanni Gagliano

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