SANDNESS New Album "Play Your Part" + New Video "Someone So Bad"

Rockshots Records - Out Now! SANDNESS New Album "Play Your Part" + New Video "Someone So Bad"

Italian classic 80’s hair metal-inspired band SANDNESS fourth studio album entitled "Play Your Part" is now available via Rockshots Records as of May 20th.The album follows their two previous released records on Rockshots Records, 2020 EP "Enter Please (2020) and 2019 LP "Untamed".

Today, to celebrate the record's release, SANDNESS are sharing their new video for the single "Someone So Bad".

"This is a love song, a love letter written by a musician who spends a lot of time far away from their better half while touring around the world. In the chorus you can also hear a female voice (for the first time in a Sandness song), that’s Maria Grazia Zancopè, the lead singer of Perpetual Fate."

SANDNESS' new album is produced, mixed, and mastered by Michele Guaitoli and features twelve original tracks including a bonus cover version of KISS' "Turn On The Night". The lyrics written for the full length give an insight into how the band kept themselves busy and entertained during the first lockdown in the spring of 2020.

"We think that our fans won’t be disappointed, we worked hard on this album, and without live gigs over the last 2 years due to Covid 19, we had a lot of time and energy to put into it. The songs are catchy and easy to listen to. We want this album to be the getaway from your typical stressful everyday life. We want people to feel good when they listen to our songs. Our music brings you to a dimension where everything is solvable with some dance moves or some headbanging. Give you the bright side of things to escape the difficult times." adds the band.

“Play Your Part” is a different kind of animal from SANDNESS' previous releases, due to the lockdown, they had more time to think and work on the songs. They also worked a lot more closely with producer Michele Guaitoli, who helped them bring their music to the next level. The new album is more mature and inspired by different styles: hard rock, classic rock, heavy metal, 70’s rock n’ roll, but also pop music from different decades.

"Play Your Part" is available as of May 20, 2022.

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Since their first independent release in 2010, Sandness has toured Europe multiple times, playing small venues and festivals in Latvia, France, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands and Croatia. Over the years, the band shared the stage with renowned musicians such as Adam Bomb, L.A. Guns, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Reckless Love, Nazareth and Lita Ford.

Track Listing:
1. High Tide (3:36)
2. No Filter (3:15)
3. Someone So Bad (3:46)
4. Today Tonight (3:46)
5. Supernova (2:51)
6. All I’ve Learnt (5:23)
7. Be The One (3:28)
8. Give It All (4:20)
9. Lights On (4:04)
10. The One Who Tricked The Devil (4:16)
11. Bad Company (3:56)
12. Go With The Flow (3:15)
13. Turn On The Night (Kiss Cover – Bonus Track) (3:47)
Album Length: 49:50

Band Line Up:
Mark Denkley – Bass guitar, lead and backing vocals
Metyou ToMeatyou – Drums and backing vocals
Robby Luckets – Guitars, lead and backing vocals

For more info:

2022 - Play Your Part (Rockshots Records)
2020 - Enter Please - EP - (Rockshots Records)
2019 - Untamed (Rockshots Records)
2016 - Higher & Higher (Sleaszy Rider Records)
2013 - Like An Addiction (Sleaszy Rider Records)
2011 - Life Without Control - EP - (Self-Release)
2010 - Return To Decadence - EP - (Self-Release)

Sandness is endorsed by Steve Clayton USA, Liuteria 69, Dogal Strings, Handyman Custom Guitars, Evo Straps

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