Bouncing Betty - Cheap Disguise

Loud, nasty, kickass Rock 'n' Roll does not always originate in the United States. A good example is BOUNCING BETTY, which hails from Stuttgart's Motorcity. BOUNCING BETTY has been made up of Stefan Zuber, Tonio Marcigliano and Luc Gebhard on guitars, Marko Höch on bass, and Kira Kyoto on drums since 2014. They honour the type of rock music that has nearly vanished in recent years: Badass, forthright, and high-octane - with radio-friendly hooks. Strong vocals, massive riffs, big choruses, compelling melodies, and unforgettable hooks are all present in this album. They're eager to bring back the message of Rock & Roll with superb musicianship and smashing live events! Last but not least, all of the Bouncing Betty songs have one thing in common: they're all catchy tunes with a lot of potential for chart success!

This is their new single, called Cheap Disguise, starting with vigorous and inspired guitars straight away. The verse is kind of melodic and the chorus is very catchy, bringing me back to the 90s, and probably it will get stuck in your head for a while. The song, overall, has a great sound, and it's very well recorded by the band, with superb guitars, if I have to highlight one instrument. Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow Bouncing Betty on social media.


Giovanni Gagliano

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