Interview - Perfect Mess


Perfect Mess is a Progressive Grunge and Hard Rock Band from Greece.

Line up

Spilios Iliopoulos (Vocals/Guitars), Yiannis Vollaris (Bass), Spilios (dt) Iliopoulos (Drums), Vassilis Kourkoutas (Guitars/Backing Vocals)

We sound like
A mix of our music influences that blend evenly through our jams.

So far, we have released our debut album in 2017 and in July 2022 we are about to release our second album called ‘Breathe’.

Our musical influences vary, from the Grunge scene with bands like Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam all the way to more prog bands like Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Muse and also even more heavy bands including Metallica, Lamb Of God, Iron Maiden. And the list goes on and on…

What do you write about?
Daily issues, thoughts, struggles, the need to tell a story or even help someone. Lyrics for a song may initiate from something somebody said, a phrase that just clicks something in the head or even a phrase from a movie that might trigger lyrics for a song

Your favourite live performance so far

Kalamata and Patras city with the mighty Planet of Zeus.

Tell us a funny story that happened in studio or on stage
Yiannis in Kalamata City trying to give power for his pedal board from the same cable that was meant to go in the power circuit.

Your favorite records
Too many to mention. Clearly Dream Theater’s Awake had a huge impact on us. Also, albums such as Faith No More - Angel Dust 

10) A musician you would like to meet for a beer
Definitely the music industry genius Dave Grohl and guitar god John Petrucci would be a fancy as hell hang out.

What will you ask backstage if you were the most important band on earth
Beers, beers and beers…


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