Juan S. Garces - My Bid

From Quito, Ecuador, JUAN S. GARCÉS is a musician, guitarist, and producer. He began learning the guitar at a young age because he was raised in a home where music was an integral component of daily life. Over the years, he continued to grow his musical knowledge and abilities through both academic and self-taught studies. He has shared the stage with some of the most well-known rock and metal bands in Ecuador (Colapso, Descomunal, Madbrain, Viuda Negra), as well as with a variety of musicians from other genres. JUAN has spent the previous five years concentrating on his personal projects while also pursuing his current career as an independent artist.

This is his new single, called My bid, starting with an old-style thrash metal riff (reminded me of Megadeth). Generally, the guitars are very technical, as well as the rhythm section, which creates very interesting tempo patterns. The vocals are energetic and melodic, based on what the song requires but generally I can say that the vocal performance is spot on, and overall compliments to Juan for this killer track. 

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow JUAN S. GARCÉS on social media as well.


Giovanni Gagliano

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