Here we are talking about Hate Uber Alles by Kreator. After Destruction, another flag of Teutonic Thrash Metal returns as well as one of the bands most dear to me in this genre: albums like the first 7 or the most recent "Violent Revolution" are in fact always present in the most violent part of my heart of steel. However, it is no mystery that the releases from 2012 onwards left me a bit unsatisfied, presenting a lighter sound, always bad but diverted to slower and more rhythmic shores, and that is why I approached this new release with discreet skepticism. And sorry to admit that the road taken by our people is far from what I expect from a Thrash group, but let's go in order.
The instrumental intro "Sergio Corbucci is Dead", a tribute to the Italian director, is truly suggestive and the violent title track promises violence, same as the following "Killer of Jesus" which has a crazy but classic shot. And if "Crush The Tyrants" marks a slowdown, however acceptable, from this point onwards there are a series of songs close to power metal; none of them are frankly bad, but far from what I expected with a similar name on the cover. And if "Demonic Future" seems to return to the mood of the first tracks, the ending is slower and with a more rhythmic style, atmospheric as you like but, at least for me, with no bite.

The result is a discontinuous listening, too inhomogeneous and without particular hits, except perhaps the angry refrain of the title track. Also, regarding the production, we can talk about that... Such a clean drum sound is not acceptable to me. I'm sorry, and maybe I'm expecting too much, but I expected a lot more from them, and if they wanted to, they could do way better than this!


Giovanni Gagliano

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