Lapels - Live at Black Barn EP

Lapels, an indie/rock band from Derby, gained remarkable critical acclaim after signing with Marquee Records in '21 as a result of their engaging live performances and initial three single releases. With their debut EP, "Live at Black Barn," which was recorded at Paul Weller's Black Barn Studios, Lapels enter the international music scene during the summer of 22. Lapels are definitely leaving an enduring imprint on the global stage as the headliners at the inaugural MICANNES music convention in Cannes in June.

The Lapels' debut EP has three brand-new, original songs by the band. The first one is the catchy "Back To Beginnings", reminding me of the last Beatles production, with a great arrangement, great drums and also a saucy guitar solo. Very good track, probably my favourite one, if I have to choose. The second track is called "Time Is Ours,", again with great drumming and vocals this time reminding me of Oasis, with a very good piano and the usual classy arrangement. The last track of the EP is "Early Morning Rain" more upbeat than the others but with the usual great drumming and retro vibes in evidence. The small instrumental part towards the end of the song is not to miss.

The EP was produced by Michael Smith, and it's definitely great music from every point of view: performance, songwriting, arrangement and sound. If you are into the 60s and 70s music and fan of The Beatles, you should listen to this Live at Black Barn.

Give it a go by clicking on the Spotify player below and don't forget to follow the band as well.

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