LiquidLight - Rum Runner

LiquidLight is a classic rock band. Deli Magazine selected them Best Emerging Alt Rock Band for their debut full-length album, Uninitiated, released in 2015. The band's debut demonstrated the band's enormous potential as a post-punk, alternative force.

 LiquidLight has been described as “melodic, thoughtful and jingle-jangly as well as shred-crazy and powerful.” citing Husker Du and The Replacements as influences.

This one above is their new single, called Rum Runner. What I liked the most about the tune is the general sound and the pure rock n' roll attitude of the band. The instruments sound fantastic and the performance of the band is spot on, even considering that the track has been recorded live. Check out, in particular, the final solo section, very energetic and inspired. 

Give it a go by clicking on the YouTube player (the video is very well made too) and don't forget to follow the band on Instagram as well.

Giovanni Gagliano

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