Live report: Skunk Anansie at Southbank Centre - London 2022 (Highway to hell cover!)

Back with a different video, my experience going to Skunk Anansie concert at Southbank Centre, London. A wonderful location with some good food too! 

I actually recorded an ending for this video (with my final thoughts and my favourite songs of the night) but I can't find it anywhere on my device. Probably I forgot to click on "record"... Sorry!

Anyway, I've seen Skunk Anansie 4 times (the first one in Italy in 1998) and they are one of my favourite bands to see live. 

This was the setlist of the night:

Yes It's Fucking Political
And Here I Stand
Because of You
I Can Dream
Twisted (Everyday Hurts)
My Ugly Boy
Can't Take You Anywhere
Love Someone Else
I Believed in You
God Loves Only You
Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)
Without You
This Means War
Intellectualise My Blackness
Tear the Place Up
Charlie Big Potato

Brazen (weep)
Highway to Hell
The Skank Heads (Get Off Me) / Little Baby Swastikkka
Giovanni Gagliano

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